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Want to Know the Answers to Plumbing Questions?  

Some homeowners have questions about how their plumbing system works, and how clogs are caused or why their system lacks insufficient pressure to meet their needs. Many want to know how to deal with leaky faucets, overflows and clogs, the last 3 are the most commonly asked questions about plumbing services technicians. Below we have compiled a few answers to the most frequently asked plumbing questions.

Why does the water get hot in the shower when the toilet is flushed?

Without getting into too much technical jargon, local plumbing codes are in place to regulate exactly how many water lines are used to supply water to a certain amount of fixtures. This means plumbers will use the same pipe to feed the cold water to the shower and the toilet. So, even though the water pressure is adjusted to have the right balance of hot and cold when you start your shower, when someone flushes the toilet, the draw of cold water needed to refill the toilet tank results in a temporary reduction in the cold water flow to the shower, but not to the hot.

What causes pipes freeze and burst?
Basically, when water freezes it expands. It is the same principle when sodas burst when put in the freezer. When you have a pipe which is full of water exposed to freezing temperatures, the water will start to expand as it freezes, which creates a tremendous amount of pressure which will eventually burst the pipe.

Why do toilets sometimes keep running?
The is probably the most common plumbing question asked. The reason is the flap in the bottom of the tank no longer seals shut. Try taking the top off the tank and flush the toilet and watch this flap. Is it closing completely? If not, even though water is still entering the tank, some if not most of it will flow out through the unsealed flap, which creates a continuous cycle of the toilet trying to fill back up again.

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